Assessing Scholarly Communication Services: A National Forum in May 2020

I’m a member of a great project team that’s working to put together the National Forum of the Assessment of Scholarly Communications Programs. The project is funded by IMLS and led by wonderful librarians from Sacramento State University and San Jose State University.

The forum will be held online via Zoom on May 4th and 5th. Attendees of the forum will include experts from library assessment that will present and lead discussions on how existing assessment techniques can be implemented for scholarly communication services. The forum will result in a report with recommendations for standards and a comprehensive set of best practices in assessing the range of services that comprise scholarly communication program.

My role in this grant project is to provide methodological expertise in the data gathering and analysis. I have been closely involved in designing and implementing the data collection instruments to gather input from librarians and campus stakeholders that will inform the project goal. We used the Research Lifecycle from the University of Central Florida to frame our data collection instruments, and the data has truly opened my eyes to the wide variety of practices in scholarly communication programs and their role in the campus research enterprise. Can’t wait to hear more from librarians and campus stakeholders at the Forum!

Image result for research lifecycle at university of central florida


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